Sportsman Nights

The team at Flying Start can place talent at your club for all types of sportsmans nights and fundraisers.

How would you like Wayne Carey, Matthew Richardson or even Warrick Capper? Ricky Nixon is a fantastic MC and can host the whole night doing raffles, auctions, comedy and an insight into his life.

How about Jake ”The Push Up “‘King the ultimate peoples person? Fancy some comedy, Dougie Chappell Jnr is the man to have. Cricket, what about the great Rodney Hogg? Prices range from $1000 – $3000 But we can also put together a package for you with two or more of these names. Is there someone else you have in mind? get in touch, our contact list is endless and subject to availability. We will do our utmost to provide you with the talent you require. We can also provide you with an extensive rang of sporting memrobillia with low reserves with your club keeping all profits. The Team at Flying start look forward to hearing from you!

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